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December 2017 Balancing Update

December 2017 Balancing Update
As part of our Winter 2017 Update, we are introducing balance changes that will affect Town Halls 10 and 11. We understand there is a significant barrier of entry going from Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 10 and an even higher one when going to Town Hall 11.
This is not only noted by how many players prefer to remain at Town Hall 9, but also looking at the drop off of success rate of 3-Star attacks at higher Town Hall levels. We want the game to be challenging and fun, but we also don’t want it to be discouraging where a steep learning curve can cause people to be demotivated by its difficulty.    
Addressing these balance issues has been a challenging task. While we’ve introduced new troop levels, wall levels, and other upgrades over the course of the year, we are taking a slightly different approach for this content balance.  Here are the changes that are coming in this update:


  • HP has been adjusted:
Level 1 (4500HP -> 5100HP)
Level 2 (5000HP -> 5400HP)
Level 3 (5500HP - 5700HP)

Lava Hound

  • HP has been adjusted
Level 1 (5700HP -> 6100HP)
Level 2 (6200HP -> 6500HP)
Level 3 (6700HP -> 6800HP)


  • HP has been adjusted
Level 5 (670 -> 720)
Level 7 (1100 -> 1220)
Level 8 (1260 -> 1440)


  • Housing space increased from 5 to 6 per troop

Barbarian King and Archer Queen

  • Added 5 more levels (to a max of level 50), and previous level costs have been adjusted.
  • See comparison between old and new Dark Elixir costs for Barbarian King here and Archer Queen here.

Inferno Towers:

  • The effect that prevents healing while receiving damage from Inferno Towers has been removed. 



  • 25 additional wall pieces may be upgraded to Level 12(so now you can upgrade 125 wall pieces to level 12)


Army Camps:

  • Army Camps at Town Hall level 11 will gain an additional level (Max: Level 9)  


  • DPS has been adjusted:
Level 2 (70 DPS -> 60 DPS)
Level 3 (90 DPS -> 80 DPS)
Level 4 (100 DPS -> 90 DPS)


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